Learning Programmes

Learning Programmes

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Dear Parent/Carer,

In order to provide you with a more in-depth breakdown of our curriculum, we are launching what will be known as 'Learning Programmes' for each subject, initially with Key Stage 3 in mind. From September we aim to roll the programmes out to Key Stages 4 and 5 also.

The aims of the Learning Programmes are numerous, including mapping out content to be covered in each half-term, guidance as to how the content will be assessed, opportunities for stretch and challenge, and, on occasions, key pieces of work which will be teacher marked and will contribute to assessment judgments. Furthermore, in the event of pupil absence, access to the Learning Programmes will minimise potential impact on progress and lost learning time in the classroom.

Please note that due to the mid-year launch there are some inconsistencies to bear in mind. For example, due to the scheduling of lab time, not all classes are covering the same topics in science and therefore Learning Programmes are not available for science at this point. In addition, subject specific requirements mean that different classes within year groups may be covering different units elsewhere, hence why more than one Learning Programme might be included in some subjects e.g. geography.   Finally, some subjects such as Design & Technology may operate a carousel system so the programmes again may differ from class to class.

As with any new initiative there will be teething problems and the remainder of this academic year will be seen as an opportunity to trial the programmes and we would, as always, be grateful for your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

The Learning Programmes will be another step in ensuring clarity between school and home, we would ask for your patient as we introduce this system.

Mr D Rainey

Vice Principal