Appeal & Gift Aid Scheme

Saint Ambrose College Charity
Registered Charity Number 526013

Help make a difference to your son’s education

For a number of years, parents and friends of Saint Ambrose College have contributed into a Gift Aid scheme run by The Saint Ambrose College Charity.  Membership is purely voluntary but all funds raised are used to improve the facilities of the College or to enhance the educational experience of the boys attending the College.



Since its inception in 1955, The Saint Ambrose College Charity has helped to fund many different projects at the College.  Prior to the new building project the Charity accumulated significant funds and in 2012 was able to allocate £647,000 to provide the new College with our wonderful swimming pool.  This amazing facility provides opportunities to Saint Ambrose students that very few other school children can enjoy.  Without any doubt, the success of the students in swimming, lifesaving and water polo would not be possible without the pool.  More recently the Charity has funded the provision of a new mini bus, the fitting out of a new drama classroom and photography equipment to facilitate the A level course.  Without the generosity of the Charity donors, the College would not have been able to afford any of these facilities and to broaden and enhance the curriculum offered to students.

Donations are made by standing order direct from your bank and as a rough guide, we ask parents to consider contributing £20 per month.  As donations are being made to a recognised Charity we can reclaim a further 25p for every £1 donated from HMRC.  Therefore a donation of £20 per month will raise a total of £300 for the Charity.  Higher rate taxpayers can claim further tax relief on any donation made. 

To participate in the scheme please complete the standing order mandate and Gift Aid declaration and return it to the College. 


Full information flyer HERE


The Gift Aid Form can be downloaded HERE


Please return the signed form via post or scan and email back to

We hope you will feel able to ‘help make a difference’ and thank you for your generous support.


God bless,

St Ambrose College