SAC Sports Committee

St Ambrose Sports' Association

Please join the 200 Club HERE to support sports activities at St Ambrose College

Each month half of the monies received go directly to the Collect sports activities.  Two lucky members every month will each win £250 with the remaining monies being paid out in 2 'super' draws annually. 

By joining the 200 Club, you will be making a positive contribution to the boys development and supporting the tradition of sporting excellence at St Ambrose College.

Thank you for your support.


Winning draws for October – December.  

December Super-Draw winners who each collect £1,160

C Hadden / J Cooper / NT Gonzalez 

Previous winners:

November: MC Fitzsimon / S Kenyon

October: P Joy / DJ &CA Carr

September: R Walsh / C Pitt

August: M Charles / C Shellien

July: B Francesco / Harper & Stone

June: AM&O Ball / J Festus

January – May:

Mr. Aldcroft

AJ Cartlidge

ATM Dempsey

K Devlin

PJ & SM Duffy

PH Garnett

D&M McMurray

E&B Salmo

S Savage

Adrian Smith

Cathy Roberts

Treasurer – SAC Sports Committee