Revive Asylum Seeker Support


There are seven Edmund Rice secondary schools in England and each school’s Sixth Form works closely with the marginalised of their local communities. St Ambrose College is no different; the ‘Revive’ group, led by Mr Roche, has been working with ‘Revive’ in Salford for the last five years in helping Refugees who use the centre. Every Wednesday students from St Ambrose College travel to ‘Revive’ to teach English language and British values to the users of the centre.

Our group also helps annually with clothing and food collections for the centre. Helping each Wednesday at ‘Revive’ qualifies you as a Sixth Former for the ‘Edmund Rice Awards’ scheme ran by Mr Krause. If you are in the Sixth Form and interested in joining the ‘Revive’ group please see Mr Roche; the group travels to ‘Revive’ every Wednesday lunchtime for the entire afternoon.