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Careers Information, Advice & Guidance

In the current economic climate it is important that your child is given the best possible chance to find information on the education and training available to them post-16.

St Ambrose College has a rich and varied careers programme which includes: access to a dedicated Careers Adviser; drop-in Careers Clinic sessions with the Careers Advisor; visits from industry experts; a monthly lunchtime Careers Cafe; faculty led careers events; an annual Careers Conference with over 50 industry and apprenticeship contributors.

We offer all our 4th year and lower six students a 1-2-1 careers appointment with Mrs Woods as standard. Additional appointments are also available on request. Students can also 'drop-in' to for an informal chat on careers during the Careers Clinic on a Monday lunchtime.

For general information regarding careers, advice on work experience, or to arrange an appointment with Mrs Woods, students can see Mrs Coultas in the main school office Wednesday to Friday. 

For further information and for our full offer, please see the Careers Programme linked above.  


Careers Resources

Students have access to a Careers Library which is currently held in the careers room on the ground floor. Students should speak to Mrs Coultas if they wish to access those resources.

There is a plethora of careers-related information available online. Your son may also find the following websites useful and informative:







For further information and for our full offer, please see the Careers Programme above. 


Careers News


Careers Cafe 5th October 2018

I would like to extend our warmest thanks to Upper Sixth Form student, Troy Wood, who delivered an inspirational talk to students from all year groups in this month's Career's Cafe. The boys enjoyed juice and biscuits while they heard about the many opportunities Troy has experienced through his unrelenting motivation and drive and his mantra to 'always say yes'! Troy has recently begun a social media marketing company, Yellow 17, at just age 16, while he studies for his A-Levels. He wanted to talk about ALL the options that are available to young people now, and stressed the importance of keeping an open-minded approach to all career opportunities.


Work Experience 

 Students in 4th year and lower six are expected to undertake a week of work experience towards the end of the summer term. It usually takes places during the first week of July, during Activities Week. Students are encouraged to source their own placement as we feel this ensures that the placement they choose is of interest to them, and therefore will be more enjoyable. 

Some likes, dislikes, and advice from last years work placements:

"I loved the freedom and responsibility I had" Student IGO

"Choose to do something you're interested in to pass the time quickly' Student NEWB

"I really didn't like working 8 am til 5 pm" Student AUR

"I loved the building and premises, especially the beach in the car park" AQS


Careers Evening 2018

The college hosted its 2nd annual Careers Convention on Tuesday 20th March. The evening was a great success and our warmest thanks go out to all the contributors, parents, students, and staff who attended. The convention welcomed an array of speakers from many different careers, sectors, and industries ranging from nuclear engineering, accountancy, and law, to psychiatry, energy, and teaching. The boys seemed to particularly enjoy the Easter Egg Quiz by Willmott Dixon Construction, and one student won himself a valuable work experience placement with dynamic PR company, Firework PR.  


A special mention must go out to Troy Wood, one of our 6th form students and designer of Tim Peake’s spacesuit badge. Troy stepped in at the last minute to deliver a talk on his experiences of work, CV building, and saying ‘Yes’ to all opportunities that come his way. One parent described Troy’s presentation as ‘the best they had seen that evening’.


We are continually looking to develop and add to our programme of careers related events, and over the next few months will be welcoming a diverse range of speakers to present during one of our new Career’s Cafés. As we all know, technology is firmly rooted in all we do in our everyday lives and career opportunities in these sectors are growing exponentially. With this in mind, we will be hosting a ‘Tech Con’ careers event in the summer, allowing the students and their families the opportunity to find out about the many exciting careers emerging in our technological 21st century. Further details to follow.


Lianne Coultas

Careers/Alumni Coordinator

mrslcoultas@st-ambrosecollege.org.uk 0161 980 2711