Parent Forum



The parents’ forum meets to discuss aspects of Ambrosian life and plans, not least the education and welfare of the boys and Gentlemen of the Sixth Form. Operating in partnership with parents, our school is an extension of the care and attention that is given to our pupils at home. Communication is very important to us and one way in which parents can meet the Principal in an informal relaxed setting is by participating in the parent forum. The process enables parents to give school leaders feedback on proposals, acting as a sounding board for new ideas and initiatives. This enables the College to develop new approaches to both academic and pastoral aspects of college life. This two way communication is an invaluable medium for the leadership of the College and it is also an opportunity for parents to have a voice within the College.

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1st Year Parent Forum - November 2018 - Minutes HERE

2nd Year Parent Forum - February 2019  Minutes HERE

3rd Year Parent Forum - June 2019 - Minutes HERE