Allergens - Catering

Dear Parent/Carer

You will have seen on the news and recent television programmes such as Watchdog on 28th November the worrying issues surrounding Food Allergies and catering businesses.  We want to assure parents/carers that we take food allergies seriously here at St Ambrose College and are committed to ensuring that our catering operations provide as much allergen information as possible to staff, students and their parents/carers.

No Nuts

As part of our commitment to protecting pupils and staff on site we operate a strict No Nuts PolicyWe would seek the cooperation of all parents/carers to ensure that their son(s) do not bring items with nuts into school.  This includes chocolate bars such as Snickers and other items such as Granola Bars etc.

Our catering department provide a wide range and varied selection of foods in the various outlets.  The department maintains a detailed book, which contains allergen information for all items which are sold on site.  If a boy is concerned about the content of any of the items being served he should ask a member of the catering staff who will check this file.  For items which are ‘bought in’ we have a shorter list at the till points that boys with allergies may check before they make a purchase. This list is regularly updated, link HERE.  A copy is also stored in the student shared area in a catering folder.

We would ask that parents/carers make sure that allergy information is kept up to date as your son progresses through college.  Should your son have an allergy or develop an allergy, please ensure that they check the information in the link above to confirm which foods are ‘safe’ for them to eat.  Please email the school secretary with any updates.

Yours faithfully,




Mrs S Alford

Health, Safety & Compliance Officer