Absence Request (Term Time)

Please find form for completion and return: HERE for absence Request (Term Time). Thank you for your co-operation.



Dear Parents / Carers


We are writing to advise you of some changes that will take place from September 2019.These changes revolve around Attendance / Medical appointments and requests for leave of absence from school.


Firstly, absence reporting for sickness.  You should report your child’s absence through the absence line on the college phone number 0161 980 2711 opt 1.  This should be done every day of his absence and before 9.15 am every day.  There are no exceptions to this.


From September any requests for a leave of absence other than for a medical appointment will need to be requested on the attached from.  This can also be downloaded from the website.


This form needs to be completed in full with as much information as possible, with at least 4 weeks notice before the required leave.  Any request to attend an activity from an outside organisation e.g a football club, needs to have the official paperwork attached.


Your request will be put before the Principal for approval.  It is worth mentioning at this point, that holidays during term time are not permitted except in exceptional circumstances.  Also any unauthorised absences for 4 days and above will be subject to a Penalty Notice being issued.


Medical appointments that your son needs to attend should be advised to the Attendance Officer as soon as possible with as much notice as possible.  We will need you to provide us with a copy of the appointment letter/card.  In the absence of this, a screen shot can be emailed to attendance@st-ambrosecollege.org.uk or an email from you to advise of the appointment in advance.


Where possible, medical appointments should be made for after school or as late in the afternoon as possible, to avoid as little disruption to your son's lessons as necessary.


We trust that this information is of assistance to you and look forward to your support from September.


Kind regards


Yours faithfully



Mrs J A Grainger

Attendance Officer