Advent Charity

Advent Food Collection

In past years the college has supported a number of charities with collections of food for Christmas. We are always taken aback by the tremendous support and willingness of the college community to engage with these important initiatives – last year for example we donated over 500kgs of goods to the Wythenshawe food-bank alone!

As a community we will be collecting again this year, with our target beneficiaries being the asylum seekers linked to the Christian Brothers’ SERVE initiative in Salford and the Wythenshawe Food Bank.

To focus our minds this year we will concentrate the collection over the first two weeks of Advent, completing the collection on Friday 13th December. The intention would be to deliver all collected good to Serve and the Foodbank no later than Wednesday 18th December. This will enable both charity organisations time to sort and disperse the donations to their in-need clients.  House groups will also have a weekly prayer and reflection resource in form time to support the initiative and help to remind students of the issues.

As you can imagine, at this time of the year both the food bank and the asylum seekers need far more than just food; this year for example, the Wythenshawe Foodbank is trying to put together special Christmas Hampers, so please refer to the suggestion list below:


Dried Foods/packets – pasta, rice, cous-cous, noodles, beans/lentils, dried fruit, sugar, breakfast cereals, tea-bags, instant coffee, biscuits, salt/pepper, jelly, pot noodle/cup-a-soup.

Tins/Jars – cooking sauce, jam/honey/marmalade, pickles, tuna/salmon etc, ham/corned beef, stewed meat, meals (curry/chilli/soup etc..), vegetables, fruit.

Cartons/Bottles – UHT Milk, fruit cordial, ketchup

Christmas Specific - Christmas cake. Mince pies. Crackers. Selection boxes. Cranberry sauce. Yule log etc…


Baby Supplies – nappies, wipes, baby food (NOT FORMULA MILK!)

Toileteries – toothpaste, toothbrushes, wrapped bar soap, disposable razors, shaving gel/cream, Shampoo/shower gel, deodorant, wet-wipes.

Household Items – washing up liquid, laundry detergent, toilet/kitchen roll

I thank you for your past and continued support for all areas of charitable concern that the college and your sons are involved in.

Mr A Roche