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NWAS teach life saving skills


Friday, 12 Nov 2010

First it was the boys and now it’s the staff, everyone at St. Ambrose College will be trained to save a life. St. Ambrose College is the first school in the country to roll out vital life saving techniques to all its pupils and staff. In January North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust (NWAS) provided free training to 23 Sixth Form students, who have since been rolling out the training programme to 965 pupils down the school. The training course included operating a defibrillator ⎯ a machine that can restart the heart by giving an electric shock in some cases of cardiac arrest ⎯ and cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

The Sixth Form students, were taking the course as part of their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award, and delivered the training to all the pupils in the Hale Barns Catholic Grammar School with the on-going support from NWAS. Now the same exercise has begun with the teaching and support staff, with 80 adults also taking the course.

NWAS’s Community Resuscitation Development Officer, Rob Sharples, who carried out the training said: “This is the first time we have gone into a school specifically to train the trainers, who in the case of the students will then work with the younger children throughout the College, and in the case of the teachers the rest of their colleagues in the staff room.” “The new skills they have acquired mean that eventually all staff and pupils at the school will have the ability to provide life-saving help to patients before paramedics arrive.” He added: “Many of the qualities you need to be a lifesaver, such as emotional detachment and coolness, in what can be highly stressful circumstances, naturally come with experience, but we believe teaching these vital skills will ultimately save lives.”

St. Ambrose College Headmaster Michael Thompson, said: “Our Sixth Form students have been fortunate to learn off such an outstanding professional who has so much experience and they have responded extremely positively to the challenge." Mr Thompson added: “It is a very valuable exercise and important that both pupils and staff alike learn these skills. For our pupils it is an investment that could still reap rewards in 70 or 80 years time.”

Source: interactive schools